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EWOT - Exercise With Oxygen Training - 900L

In Stock
In stock
Fulfilled by Forum Health - this item will arrive in a separate shipment.

900 Liter Oxygen Reservoir, sky blue, with 4 D-rings, one in each corner, with all accessories, which includes 1 5L Divilbiss concentrator, 1 newly designed bulkhead, 2 Twin Port EWOT face mask (S, M or L), comes with 25mm upper intake valves, 1 syringe for putting air in the face mask for ease of comfort, 2 harnesses, 1 tripod system for hanging, 12' 22mm high volume hose. 12ft comes in 2 6 foot sections with oversized connecting adapter, 8 feet of 1/4 inch silicone fill hose, and 1 oximeter.