Is your brain chemistry making you feel bad?

When the messengers in your brain are out of balance, symptoms such as: depression, anxiety, food cravings, addictive tendencies, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, brain fogand other issues may appear.

Our medically supervised BrainRx program can help.

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BrainRx Creator & Program Facilitator, Shilpa P. Saxena, MD

Watch this quick video and learn more about the program and how it can benefit you!

What is the Brain Neurotransmitter Restoration Program ?

This 4-week, medically supervised program offers the opportunity to take your mental health to the next level so that you can start to feel good again! In 4 weeks, we will optimize these six key Brain Functions:

  • Think - attention, focus, memory, dementia prevention
  • Feel - (e.g. mild sadness to full-blown depression, daily worry to anxiety or panic, etc.)
  • Sleep - falling asleep easily, staying asleep, and wake up feeling restored
  • Pain - headaches, muscles, nerve pain, feeling of muscle tightness, GI pain 
  • Pleasure - reduces addictive tendencies, increases motivation, primes the brain to feel pleasure again
  • Activity Setting - transitions brain fog or hypervigilance to feeling calm, balanced, and alert 
Nicole Zeiner, CNRC and Shilpa P. Saxena, MD


What do I get?

Two LIVE group sessions with Dr. Shilpa Saxena MD, IFMCP and Nicole Zeiner, CRNC, the co-creators of BrainRx

Two one-on-one sessions with a BrainRx Coach to fine-tune your success

(NOTE: Precision Dose means your dose is tailored to your unique needs, and avoids risky side effects associated with a one-dose-fits-all approach)

Noticeable brain function improvements in two weeks without the fear of harmful side effects from addictive, habit-forming medications 

The Program Agenda

PREP: BrainCheck- questionnaire, coach interview and case review to determine your precision dose range

WEEK 1: BrainTune- Learn the science of neurotransmitters and how to fine-tune your  Precision Dose for your life

WEEK 2: BrainBuild - Use your precision dose to begin to replenish your neurotransmitter levels & start feeling benefits

WEEK 3: Meet with our Brainiac team to continue to maximize your results and finetune your precision dose once more

WEEK 4: BrainTain - Learn how to recognize when your brain is fully restored and when it is time to drop to a maintenance dose

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The Brain RX Experience with Our Patient, Brie

Brie experienced tremendous benefits with the BrainRx program!

“Before BrainRx I felt anxiety everyday, especially during COVID, and I struggled with my mental stability. The BrainRx program helped me so much. Usually I felt neutral or sad… but during the first day I felt noticeably better and felt like it was helping me to cope with things that would usually cause me anxiety.”

Katherine B., BrainRx Client

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