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GDRx - The Gut Detox Program

True health is when your body is in balance, operating at peak performance, and healing naturally as much as possible. Many factors in our modern world can interfere with the body’s innate ability to heal itself, including toxins and waste products that can enter from the outside, or be created inside.

The GDRx Gut Detox Program will set you on a path to good health by removing toxin buildup; providing coaching and education; and including key nutrients to accelerate the healing and recovery process.

GDRx Starter Kit

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Benefits of our detox program

You’ll work at the pace your body dictates, with self-evaluation and check-ins along the way. As you start to feel better, stronger, and healthier, we’ll teach you how to maintain healthy habits to keep you on track.  You can look forward to enjoying:

  • Improved immune system
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved headaches, brain fog, and chronic fatigue
  • Healthy & glowing skin
  • Identified food sensitivities
  • Reduced water retention and bloating
  • Healthy digestion
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Enhanced energy, stamina, and mental focus

The GDRx Gut Detox Program is more than a box of supplements.

dr. saxena, nicole zeiner, and alyson zimmerman—forum detox team

Designed by doctors

The GDRx detox program was designed from the ground up by Dr. Shilpa Saxena, a leader in functional medicine and Chief Medical Office of Forum Health. This program is more than just calories in versus calories out. It’s a total detox designed to reset your health.

Guided by health coaches

We’re here to help. Our certified health coaches will meet with you before your detox starts, making sure you have all the answers you need to begin.

Once your detox has started, your health coach will check in with you to see how your detox is progressing.

Feel better, stronger, and healthier.

Get access to our exclusive blend of detox supplements, shakes, as well as a nutrition plan, and access to health coaches.

How it works

Eat Clean & Well

One-size-fits-all and fad diets just don’t work. Your body has unique nutritional needs. And to feel your best, you must tailor your food intake to meet them.

We will create individualized nutrition plan — a result of close collaboration with your provider and health coach.

Take our powerful supplements

Our detox supplements have been designed from the ground up by the nation’s leading functional medicine practitioners.

Our shakes and supplements are designed to target pathogenic compounds in your body to optimize detoxification. These nutrients include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, leaf and root extracts, amino acids, proteins, and more. Complete Cleanse shakes and Duo Detox supplements are included with the program.

Stay on track with coaching sessions

You should haven’t to detox alone. After signing up for the program you’ll be invited to work one-on-one virtually with a GDRx-certified health coach to kickstart your detox and keep you on track.

You’ll also get access to our private GDRx Facebook Group where you can connect with among other patients to ask questions and share stories.

Sign up for the detox today.

Get access to our exclusive blend of detox supplements, shakes, as well as a nutrition plan, and access to health coaches.

It’s time to feel incredible.

We’re challenging you to go through the GDRx Gut Detox Program to kickstart your health and weight loss goals.  Take control of your health, lose weight and feel great again!

The program not only empowered me, but it has changed the way I eat and purchase food items. I’ve lost 10 pounds, and though I still have a way to go, I feel great!

Martha, Forum Health Patient

What's included

  • One Health Coach Visits
  • All the supplements and meal replacement shakes for the program
  • Detox Shake Blender Bottle
  • Program Workbook
  • Food & Kitchenwear Product Guide
  • Personalized Supplement Plan
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Educational Video Series
  • Health Coach Check-Ins
  • Pre & Post Health Assessment
  • Program guided educational emails

Watch what our patients have to say.

Sign up for the GDRx detox.

Take control of your health and start your detox journey today.

Who is Forum Health?

Forum Health, a network of Integrative and Functional Medicine providers, provides patients unprecedented access to their growing network of integrative medicine providers that use a collaborative, individualized, evidence-based approach to healthcare focusing on the underlying causes of disease and symptoms.

We use the most advanced testing and treatments available for people that want to break free from the confines of their chronic condition or those looking to take their health from good to great.