Got To Shine - Wally Taylor

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Influenced by the lobbying efforts of big pharmaceutical companies and big food manufacturers and sometimes lacking the necessary personalized attention, traditional medicine is allowing many individuals to fall through the cracks. And if you’re suffering from a chronic inflammatory disease, it’s likely that standard cures aren’t helping much at all.

But what if achieving wellness was more than a pipe dream? What if, through lifestyle changes and the power of nutrient and hormone treatments, you could restore yourself to a healthful state, inside and out?

Drawing upon decades of medical experience, Got To SHINE is an eye-opening guide to your healing journey, addressing all the factors western medicine has been getting wrong for so many years.

Wally Taylor, MD, is a practicing physician specializing in integrative care—a mixture of the best of western medicine, plus functional and holistic treatments. A US Army veteran, Dr. Taylor currently lives in Austin, Texas, with his family.